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Our Reefer Transport Gensets

With our dedicated engineering team we know what really matters when it comes to producing Gensets. All our Gensets are made in Holland at our own production facility near the harbor of Rotterdam. We pride ourselves with our flexibility; we can meet almost every demand. We keep in close touch with mayor chassis manufacturers. This way we can guarantee maximum height, safety and efficiency when mounting your genset.

All of the Genmark Series 5 models are equipped with a Yanmar Diesel engine and a high efficient permanent magnet alternator. This combination results in the lowest fuel consumption and highest output power for Gensets on the market. Our Gensets are made with a fully galvanized frame of high quality steel to protect against corrosion and are by its clever design the lightest on the market.

Below you can find our series of units. For more information and specifications please click on an unit.

Undermount UM5

Designed for Fixed Chassis

Modular MS5

Designed for Flexible Chassis

Truck Unit TR5

Designed for Truck Application








Low Fuel Consumption

Reefer Gensets of Genmark have an overall low fuel consumption compared to other brands in the industry.

Fits under every truck

Flexible, normal or special chassis? For every situation we have a compatible generator set.

Low Noise Level

Our gensets have by far the lowest decibel output, which is comfortable for drivers and surroundings.

Low Weight

Thanks to the use of progressive materials, our gensets have the lowest weight in the industry.

1000 Hours Service Interval

Our gensets have a service interval of 1000 hours, due to our high standards of components.

Extra Road Clearance

No more damages? Our gensets have the highest road clearance which prevents accidents.