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Undermount UM5


The Undermount Genset has been designed for fixed chassis and is usually positioned in the middle of the chassis. This model has adjustable beams, providing flexibility to mount the unit in the best position under your chassis. The Genmark Undermount has the highest ground clearance in the field with up to 40cm. A great option is that the controller of the Undermount can be mounted externally on the chassis. This way the Genset can easily be operated in all conditions. It also gives the driver more comfort. The fact that the driver doesn’t need to crawl under the chassis, gives this Genset a health and safety advantage.

Engine Type 4TNV88-GGEGV
Engine size 2.286 liter
Average Fuel Consumption 2,2 liter per hour @ 380V/50Hz output
Oil Capacity 13,3 liter (max)
Battery 12V 74Ah Cold: 680 EN
Power 50Hz / 15kW (18,75 KVA)
Certification EMC (E4 10 R05 – 01 4237 00)
Weight 470 kg /1036 lb
Dimensions 1206mm x 1250mm x 717mm
Fuel Tank Size 130 liter
Genmark Controller (optional) External Controller with 5 inch TFT screen
Genmark Controller Functions Automatic “pre-heat” Start / Alarm List / Alarm Reset / Hour Meter / Fuel Tank Meter (optional) / Service Check Notification / Voltage Check / Cloud Technology / Solid State Relay / Memory Card 8gb
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D-TEC Portmaster
Krone FS-10
Renders Euro 925
Van Hool