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Developing innovative reefer gensets,
that’s what we’re here for.

Genmark has developed a product range for the reefer generator market which is innovative and simple at the same time. Original design was made by Trademark Leasing & Trading B.V. in 2007 and has been improved over the years to give our customers the best units.

With more than eleven years of Genset experience, we know what really matters when it comes to producing Gensets. We pride ourselves with our flexibility, we can meet your every demand. We keep close communication with mayor chassis manufacturers to assure maximum height and the most efficient way of mounting your Genset. Our in-house technical department can design anything to your liking, from location on the chassis, the size of the fuel tank to the color of the panels. Our Electronics Department produces the controller of the Genmark Gensets based on the philosophy “less is more”. This means we avoid complex, expensive and error-prone operating systems.

Our Gensets are the most flexible solutions for supplying power to Reefer Containers. Our 4 different models provide a suitable solution for any demand. Whether you have a fixed chassis, flexible chassis or when you want your Genset mounted on a truck or directly on the Reefer container, we’ve got the right solution for you.

All our Gensets are Dutch made in our own production facility in the harbor of Rotterdam. We take quality serious; with a fully galvanized frame, high quality steel and robust shock mounts, your Genset will last for years to come. Genmark Gensets are powered by a Yanmar diesel engine. Yanmar was founded in 1912 in Japan and is a leading expert when it comes to diesel engines. The Yanmar engine that  we use is specially designed for Genmark Gensets. The permanent magnet alternator was designed in collaboration with RFL. This unique alternator is much smaller, lighter and easier to install then any other alternator available.

The low fuel consumption which our product range is offering is achieved by the engine and the alternator which has a very high efficiency which can not be found on other units. Our units provide 94 to 95 % efficiency where standard generators only achieve between 80 to 86 %.

The unit is also designed for power supply with unbalanced loads. For example in case you have a need for 380V/50Hz operation while also need to have 220V/50Hz you can do this without damaging the alternator. A standard alternator will not allow the run for a long period with varying loads on the 3 phase circuit, the Genmark product range can supply 3 x 1 phase circuits with varying loads, as well as a 3 phase load at the same time.

All of our models are EMC certified and our Modular Stage 5 unit is certified to replace the bicycle protection on a chassis. With 40cm ground space, there’s no Undermount Genset that is mounted higher than a Genmark Undermount Genset.

Servicing only takes place after a 1000h, combined with the lowest fuel consumption in field makes Genmark Gensets the most cost efficient Gensets available. Our Gensets don’t have to be removed for servicing. This will save you a lot of time and costs. We can have spare parts delivered within 24h to any location in Europe. Our expanding service dealer network counts more than 50 partners in more than 10 countries, all situated near large harbors or transport hubs.

Genmark Gensets are innovative, reliable and cost efficient. Your partner in Reefer transport.

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What our clients say about us

  • Genmark has a lot of expertise and that is reflected in their products. A deal is a deal at Genmark. A reliable partner to work with.
    Daniel MorsinkArea Sales Manager at TIP Trailer Services
  • "Generators from Genmark are easily handled as they are light and compact. Servicing the generators is also very easy to do.
    Marinus Rietdijk1st Engineer Workshop Smith-Holland